What is a Mod? By Brooklyn Age 10

This article was written by a 10 year old boy named Brooklyn. It is his own words and account of what Mod is and what it means to him.

Mods of Your Generation understands that many of us are attracted the the Mod Scene in many different ways and the subcluture means something different each of us. It’s our mission to inspire and encourage the next generation So that the mod scene does not only remain part of our history but also our future.

My name is Brooklyn and I am 10 years old Boy. I am learning a lot about mod culture from my dad. Mods like to wear nice clothes that make them stand out. They don’t normally wear the same as everyone else and like to be different. They listen to a lot of different types of music like Northern Soul and bands like The Jam, The Who and The Small Faces. I really like this music and like dancing to it. They ride all different types of scooters but mostly vespa‘s and Lambretta‘s. My dad has taken my brother and me to some Mod events and we get to meet some of the bands. It’s really cool to meet them and I really enjoy looking at all the stalls, scooters and and other stuff that is there. I really enjoyed Watching and meeting a band called Savannah. They dress really cool and are really nice. One time my dad said that some mods are rude but the ones I have met are really cool. My dad likes to wear a suit and so do a lot of mods. I also like to wear my suit, it makes me feel really smart. I want to learn more about Mod Culture and be just like my dad.

Below is a picture of my dad and me on our way to a Mod Event.

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