Soul Boy - Our Lives - Anthony Flavin - Documentary Review

Just over a week has passed since the nation was touched by a young man named Anthony Flavin. A northern soul enthusiast and fanatic of all things 60’s & 70’s who featured in a documentary named Soul Boy by Nottingham filmmakers Luke Radford and Toby Curson which aired on BBC One on Wednesday 27 May.

Anthony’s love for northern soul is the central part of the documentary along with his aspirations to become a successful DJ within the soul scene. The story is a bit of an underdog story highlighting Anthony’s long childhood within the care system from the age of six. With many people coming and going throughout his life and then finding a sense of belonging, sharing the same passions with the Northern soul community in Nottingham. This is something that Mods of your generation promotes; a community of like-minded individuals brought together to share the same interests. This heart-warming film follows Anthony as he approaches leaving the care system and towards adulthood. He is guided on his first steps towards his dream of becoming a DJ and finding his own Path in life. He left a lasting impression on the nation as the documentary was trending on Twitter with many people sharing their love for Anthony’s incredible and unique story. Many people also shared how heart-warming and emotional they found the story. As I watched the inspirational story unfold, I personally was brought to tears, especially discovering what he had been through and this not dampening his determination, drive and passion for the things he loves. The relationship he has with his key worker Luke Greenhill is utterly amazing to watch with a deep connected friendship and respect for each other shining through. Luke along with a collection of Northern Soul friends help Anthony towards an independent life. Anthony reflects how Northern Soul allows him to be himself, feel at home and to be able to express himself.

I would like to thank Anthony for bringing some joy and inspiration into our lives through his wonderful story. I wish him all the best for the future and hopefully one day we can have a chat and discuss all things music together. KEEP THE FAITH

Catch the Documentary on BBC iPlayer HERE

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