Mods Of Your Generation - Review - The Who - New Album - WHO - By Jack knight

The Who Album Review 2019 By Jack Knight from Gentleman Jack's Vintage Clothing on behalf Mods Of Your Generation. It's been 13 years since rock legends, The Who have released new material ever since Endless Wire in 2006, which critics panned as "The worst Who album ever" but all that is about to change with the 6th December release of self title album Who, which features artwork by famous Pop Artist, Sir Peter Blake, who is famous for designing iconic album covers such as The Beatles' Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club and more recently, Paul Weller's Stanley Road. Having listened to a few tracks from this album both live and via YouTube, it sounds like a true return to form for musical Gods, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey. I was at Wembley Stadium in July after the announcement of the new album to see them play their classic hits from Tommy and Quadrophenia complete with orchestra, another ingenious Pete Townshend idea, alongside support acts such as Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam fame and The Kaiser Chiefs, during their set The Who decided to play some of their new songs from their new album... A real treat indeed. The songs they played were Big Cigars (later renamed Ball and Chain) and Hero, Ground Zero (dedicated to the England football team after a fantastic World Cup), both songs just screamed The Who, Roger Daltrey's voice, just like a fine wine, has got better with age and Pete's songwriting is just as revolutionary as it was in the Heyday of the 60's and 70's. The rest of the band sit tight with the ring leaders and make up for the big gaps left on this planet by Thunderfingers John Entwistle and the whirlwind drummer in the shape of Keith Moon. Ball and Chain just like Won't Get Fooled Again from the classic Who's Next album sends out a political message, this time about Guantanamo Bay and the inhuman detention camp with torture and no trials. In the song, Pete's lyrics perfectly sung with passion as per by Roger, mentions still having the ball and chain in reference to the lack of trials given to prisoners in the Bay, breaches of promise and long roads to travel to get justice. It's a hard hitting and catchy song, which mixes The Who's sound of the 70s with Roger Daltrey's blues growl and modern lyrics. As for the other two songs that have been aired both of them carry a trademark Who sound and sound as if they could've come from any of the legendary albums of past from these great British musical legends and who says guitar music is dead !? The album's scheduled release date of the 6th December is perfect timing for Christmas and will no doubt be in the homes of "Wholigans" everywhere and is certainly a return to form and coincides with a tour in March and April 2020 in the UK.

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