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Mods Of Your Generation Review of the new fragrance from Modrush clothing & Aftershave

Firstly, a huge thank you to Modrush clothing & aftershave for sending me a bottle of their brand new fragrance to help promote, test and review.

There are so many fragrances on the market nowadays however not seen many dedicated to Mod. It’s not uncommon for any Mod to be checking himself in a mirror and making sure he always looks good. Always making sure to apply attention to detail in clothing and adding those finishing touches. This new Eau De Toilette from modifier clothing is a perfect addition to make sure you smell good as well as look good. Like a sharp tailored suit, the right fragrance is a necessity for every Mod. A small amount applied is all that’s needed and you will definitely leave a lasting impression and scent wherever you go.

The box is beautifully designed with of course the mod target, logo and brand name. Every detail looks great. This is well worth the price of £19.99 and an essential for any Mod

A Perfect gift for any husband, boyfriend or brother this Christmas. Buy now for that Modrush

For more details and to purchase check out the links below

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