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Emily Capell has had amazing 2019 with 2020 to be even better with her own live Tour. She will be Supporting Madness in Dubai with more exciting news to be announced. Emily takes many forms of inspiration in music, the result is a blend of many genres and styles creating a stand out British, soulful sound. However you describe Emily there is no denying that her sound and style is unique. Her debut album “Combat Frock” has been well received by many people with a variety of musical tastes and age groups in the process receiving many great reviews. I found the album quite refreshing and enjoyable. There is a comedy feel to some lyrics as well as musically uplifting. Especially when listening to “Bonanza SA” however some tracks disguising a deeper and meaningful message. As i have said in many reviews before music is the sound track to our lives and “Combat Frock” needs to be part of yours. When I discovered Emily through a live video she did over a year ago I knew that she would go on to do great things and this is just the beginning. I wish her the absolute best and I look forward to hearing more from her with the hope of seeing her live in the future.

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Your musical influences are varied resulting in creating your own take on genres of music ranging from country, ska, doo wopp and pop. How do you decide on what direction and sound your music takes and the topics you highlight within your lyrics?

When I write songs I usually have a track or a genre or an artist in mind when I’m writing it. I like a lot of different music, everything from The Notorious BIG to Dolly Parton, so when I’m writing songs that all those different genres come out! If i listen to the same bands or genres I’d write the same songs over and over again! Lyrics come after I’ve got the music. I can’t write the other way around. I take lyric writing very seriously and I love it. I write about what I see and what I know and the things that are happening in my life. I don’t write love songs because Joe Strummer didn’t.

You have stated that your music can’t be boxed into a particular genre. However, It seems you have chosen a particular style in fashion, why is this?

Everyone tells you when you first start out gigging that you need a look and I didn’t have one! I was listening to a lot of early 50’s doo wapp and Mari Wilson so I decided one day to do a beehive. I honestly don’t think I’d be able to do a gig without a beehive anymore, I guess I hide under it! I also wear creepers because I love Joe Strummer. People say I’m Mod which is very flattering but I’m too messy to be a mod and I also like second hand clothes. I adore the beehive though, I really think it’s important to try and look smart, but you shouldn’t have to pay a lot of money to feel good! Wear what you want! My boys wear matching shirts, purely because I think they look cool all matching... like The Drifters or someone!

You went on tour supporting The Selecter, tell me about the tour, what is was like and people’s reaction to your music?

The tour happened in my life at the right time. Pauline Black and Rhoda Dakar are strong, independent and tough women and it was an honour to be there! The first leg of the tour I was solo, which wasn’t always easy. It was lonely travelling every day but the shows always made you forget about that. The second leg I was with my band, which was amazing! We were so lucky to get that support slot and travel up and down the country and perform every night. This is going to sound a bit naff but we managed to do the whole tour without receiving one negative comment online or at the Merch table. Either people weren’t listening to me or they actually enjoyed our set! The Selecter our legends and I have nothing but love and admiration for them and their crew.

You have had an incredible 2019 with 2020 seeing you supporting Madness. It must be a huge privilege to support such an iconic British band, how did this come about and what else can we expect from 2020.

I don’t really know to be honest! My agent and my management are incredible, and we all work really hard as a team to take it up a step all the time. And I guess a little bit of luck!

So in 2020 I’ve got my own headline tour, the Madness gigs and then a whole load of festivals. There’s stuff I can’t announce yet too that’s all very exciting.

I plan to release more music at the end of 2020. I’m so excited about 2020!

You preformed at Brian McFadden Christmas Jam which raised money for musicians against homelessness and Crisis charity. Other than raising money for a great cause what else was a highlight from this.

Do you know what, I actually got a bit of stick for this gig! I think it’s because it was with Brian McFadden and he’s easy to pick on, I don’t get how people can slag off a charity thing! I went every week to Crisis in East London and met and sung with the choir. I left most weeks blinking back tears, it was hard to do and see but I’m glad I did it. Their stories are so tough it’s nuts. It put everything in to prospective!

The real highlight was singing with the Crisis people. Their optimism is infectious, I truly wish I was more like them! I will go back and see them 100%.

Upon receiving the album is was a lovely touch to also receive what can only me described as a comic strip with a short story. Is this something that will continue with future albums?

Thank you! They’re so cool, aren’t they? I hope they continue, I haven’t really thought about it. I think it’s great to have something to read and hold when you buy music.

I like comic book stuff it reminds of The Modettes! The video I did for my track ‘Until Monday’ is similar and I love that video! My manager had the idea of giving it away with the vinyl and I loved it.

You are a huge fan of The Clash tell us why this is and how their music influenced you.

The Clash are my favourite band. Joe Strummer died when I was 10 and I remember my mum and dad crying about it. Their songs aren’t the only thing that’s important about them it’s how they acted and what they believed in too. Joe’s lyrics are still so relevant and important.

I do what I do because of The Clash. It’s not about what you look like or how much money you’ve spent on your jacket. It’s who you are and how you treat others, that’s one of the many things I get from The Clash!

Tell us more about yourself and was being a singer/songwriter something you always inspired to do and Can you give us a brief history of how u started out your musical career?

I was always singing and writing little made up songs! I wanted to be an actress when I was little. I’ve done a little bit of TV work but to be honest the hours are long and it can be so boring... I need an audience to feed off from! So singing on stage was always my bag!

I started off listening to Sinatra non stop after watching ‘Young At Heart’ on the sofa with the flu... and then I discovered George Micheal through watching music TV all the time! I LOVED Wham! When I was 10 Joe Strummer died and my mum and dad bought me a guitar. I couldn’t play anyone else’s songs so I just played my own. I did the London open mic scene and then started getting booked for gigs! I took every single opportunity going, even if I thought it was pointless! I loved gigging so I didn’t care. I’ve been very lucky. I have always just tried to enjoy it!

Your album title seems to be a tribute The Clash’s fifth album “Combat Rock” is this the case? Also Many of the tracks in the album are relatable but at times humour shines through particularly with the track (I found a footballer to marry me) was this also intentional?

Yeah it’s a play on ‘Combat Rock’ by The Clash. It’s a nightmare naming an album, I had no idea what to call it! Kirsty MaColl did a similar thing with ‘Electric Landlady’ I adore Kirsty so I went with Combat Frock!

I always go for humour in my lyrics and in my gigs and it makes me so happy when people acknowledge it! Who wants to be a super serious band?! Kirsty MaColl has a song called ‘I’m going out with an 80 year old millionaire’ and so I wrote ‘I’ve found a Footballer To marry me.’ There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a cool independent women and dreaming about spending all of Harry Kane’s money at the same time!

I would compare your voice and style to like likes of Amy Winehouse and Lilly Allen with a hint of punk thrown in, do you feel this is a true interpretation. If not, how would you describe your style and musical sound.

Well that’s very nice of you! I think people say Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse cause they’re from London too! I think it’s impossible to live and gig in London and not have loads of different genres in your music! When people ask me what type of music I sing I have no clue how to answer. On The Selecter tour I would say ‘a bit like Beyoncé but better...’ that’s obviously not true, but you can always sell an album after making statements like that!

The debut album Combat Frock has been successful with many glowing reviews. What can we expect musically from you in the future?

I know I can’t believe it. No one has said anything nasty yet... I’m waiting though!

I’m only just starting. I’ve been listening to loads of rap and hip hop. I’ve also been songwriting with Dreadzone which has been incredible! Maybe I’ll drop a hip hop album! Hahaha! I don’t know ... I just want to tour Combat Frock right now and keep enjoying it!

The debut album is dedicated to Queens Park Rangers Football Club, Jo Cox, Frank Sinatra, George Michael and Princess Diana. Why was it important to you to dedicate the album to all of them?

Hahaha! How random are all those people? I wanted to put James Baldwin in there, but I forgot! I’m so annoyed at myself! I love all those people. I think they’re people who underneath everything are just good kind people. People who cared about EVERYONE not just themselves. That’s what’s important to me. Although I know Frank could be a bit of a wrongun’... I guess they’re just people I’ve looked up to that I don’t acknowledge as much as I should. People that make me happy and QPR who make me happy most of the time.... hahahha!

Would you like to thank anyone who has contributed in making the album possible and have helped you on the ladder to a very successful career ahead?

Just everyone who has been supportive. Anyone who’s said anything nice and helped me. My family I owe everything too and my band, my management and my agent. Anyone who’s bought the album or come to a gig! I can’t thank you all enough!!

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