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Italian Lorenzo Salvatori is a man who appreciates the finer things in life especially when it comes to fashion. Salvatori set up his own Italy based clothing company in 2016 named Capirari. The brand attracts a worldwide audience of satisfied customers. It continues to thrive and has been established as a must have brand for any modernists wardrobe. Capirari strives to provide lovers of the Italian style and those who appreciate the excellence and integrity that the Made in Italy label represents. They want you to feel a sense of personal elegance while wearing their brand. I wanted to found out more about the man behind the brand so it was great to finally interview him. I wish him all the best for the future and I’m sure the company will continue to be a success.

Why was it important to start your own clothing brand and have you faced any challenges you have had to overcome in doing so?

Being Italian, I had always loved clothes and male elegance. During university years, I had various experiences in the fashion industry; so after my graduating, I decided it was the right time to give vent to this passion creating my own menswear label that appeal to a public who appreciate the pleasure of owning an item exclusively made in Italy by skilled artisans , who love the quality, the details and the craftsmanship behind those creations. Capirari is very important for me because has been the chance to fulfil a dream and allow me to do the job that I love and meet lot of people who appreciate what I do. The main difficulty in creating my own label was finding small specialised craft workshops in Italy available to work on limited runs.

Capirari was founded in 2016, It has now been established as a must have brand in any Mod wardrobe. Why did you create the brand and what was the inspiration behind it?

The idea behind the creation of the brand is because as a young Mod, I always been looking for more quality 60’s influenced clothing that was so hard to find in the classic shops, so I decided to create a clothing brand with a specific stylistic identity that stands out from contemporary trends, that combined elegance, style and refinement with the right balance between tradition and innovation, in term of design, materials and construction. Capirari brand is inspired by the English modernist movement of the 1960’s, American Ivy League style and traditional Italian tailoring.

You’re from the country that provided us with our preferred mode of transport. Can you tell us a little about growing up in Italy and how you discovered the mod scene and why you choose to attach yourself to it?

I was born in the summer of 1988 in Pesaro, a small city on the Adriatic coast of Italy. It is a really beautiful place!! Since I was a child, I felt like I had to distinguish myself from my age-mates, by not following fashion trends. Then during my adolescence, I came across the Mod movement and I thought that it really suited me. My initial curiosity became soon an actual and strong interest. What attracts me the most about this movement is the style and the scooters (Lambretta and Vespa) and also because it doesn't represent a passing trend, quite the opposite it is an actual way of life founded on aesthetic, music and on everything is cool and original.

Is there a large following of Mods in Italy?

Yes, there are a lot of uber cool mods in Italy and there are a lot of beautiful events in which I had the opportunity to meet exquisite people.

Paul Weller is a huge fan of your clothing brand. How does it feel to have what many consider a style icon wearing your clothing?

I still can't believe that the “Modfather” (one of my favourite artists) wear Capirari. When I saw the pics of him with our garments it was an indescribable feeling!! I would also like to mention that besides Paul Weller, another fan of Capirari, is the legendary Miles Kane, who chose the new Calypso polo shirt. This is a source of pride and satisfaction for me, and perhaps it means that I’m moving in the right direction.

Where does the inspiration come from for the Capirari clothing design & style?

The inspiration comes from various and unexpected sources and sometimes the influences transcend time and geographical location and manifest themselves everywhere. Naturally we main source of inspiration come from mid-century menswear style, 50s/60s movies, British Modernism, Ivy league, vintage military style, Italian handmade sartorial clothing and from images taken from old books. We like to do a lot of research at the vintage markets, to find those pieces with a real style roots, to study their design and details always adding them our personal twist. We respect the past, but we try to improve it with greater attention to choose the best natural fabrics and better wear ability.

Who are you favourite bands, artists or what type of music do you prefer to listen to?

Speaking about music, as I said I love Paul Weller, but I listen also RnB, Soul, Jazz and Brit pop. Depending on my mood, I can choose to listen different genres in different moments.

Since starting the brand has the demand for a certain style changed as mod continues to evolve?

This is a question I struggle to answer because I only started the business 3 years ago. I think that the customers appreciate the styles we currently offer, and I have not yet noticed an evolution in the demand. However, we're open to satisfy any request, always remaining faithful to our stylistic roots.

Have you any future plans for the brand and anything we can look forward to?

We are planning to enlarge our range even further with other product categories, always made by skilled Italian artisans. We have introduced the knitwear range recently, and being fascinated by hand made sartorial art, we’re thinking about the tailoring suits and jackets, but this require more time and studies. Our goal for the coming years is that Capirari become a brand that offer to the customer a refined and exclusive total look, and may become the reference point for lovers of the style who still believe in the excellence of 'Made in Italy' and who want to maintain the exclusive character of their elegance.

Why should potential customers buy your brand of clothing compared to other brands?

We 're very fussy and precise in everything we do, so our goal is to create a product of extreme quality. For this reason, we personally check every single stage of the production: from the choice of the best fabrics, the various types of accessories, the quality of the sewing, the proportion of the shapes and the perfect wear ability. The passion and love for what we do, is reflected on all our products, that are exclusively crafted by skilled artisans in Italy’s Marche region, the most creatively bold textile district in Italy. The combination of our vision and expert craftspeople, plus a commitment to constantly research and improve on our production processes, enable our garments to proudly and truthfully proclaim their Made in Italy status. These factors combined , give birth to a timeless pieces, characterised not only by the creation of a functional garment, but one that artfully contains our signature style (our soul), down to the smallest details; this in turn produces perfect wear ability, with a dash of elegance and style. Sophisticated design, creativity, tradition, innovation, quality fabrics and customer care are the strong point of Capirari.

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