Updated: May 22, 2020

Aldora Britain Records is an independent music e-zine and record label. The e-zine, which you are currently below (via PDF), publishes interviews and reviews of up and coming artists. I personally love uncovering the stories behind the music and the people featured on these pages don’t have many other outlets to express what their art is all about.

The record label produces compilations of many of our featured artists and makes them available at affordable prices. The idea behind these compilations is they are ‘taster’ mixtapes. You download, you listen, you discover something and you go and spend some pennies buying that artist’s album, EP or single.

My vision is to turn Aldora Britain Records into the go-to place to discover new music all over the world, almost like a global online hub for independent music. It is quite ambitious but I’m here to give it a go.

If you would like to know a little more, there are two links on the final page of this e-zine. The links will take you to two separate interviews that I have been lucky enough to do about Aldora Britain Records, one with Pinball Wizard and one with The Uncarved Block.

Now, get stuck into this latest edition of Aldora Britain Records and enjoy!

By Tom Hilton

A B Records Issue 23 (2020)
Download PDF • 7.90MB

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