The Beginning

Mods Of Your Generation was created in February 2015 initially created for my own enjoyment, never contemplating that it would attract a huge following.


 The idea was to bring a community of people of all ages and backgrounds from every generation together. Original mods, revivalists & people discovering the scene today. Everyone’s interpretation of the subculture varies and many of us are influenced for many different reasons. I wanted to bring everyone’s experiences together with an emphasis on inclusion. My intention was to share the things I loved about the scene as well as discovering what others loved. I hope that everyone who visited the Facebook page would learn something new regardless of when and why they attached themselves to the mod movement. As we all know the scene has evolved through the years from its beginnings in the late 50’s and early 60’s. The cultural landscape has changed however mod continues to be reinvented by those who bring their own adaptations of the scene together. Mods of your generation celebrates the history, the music and fashion from its unassuming beginnings with an emphasis on looking to the future. Therefore, it is my aim to help promote the bands and artists continuing to keep the mod flame alive by taking what influenced them musically from the past and adding a new modern spin. It has become essential and important for me to promote the people who have made up the scene over the years telling their story through publications. It is my hope that by interviewing, promoting and sharing all that content that the Mod scene will continue to be a part of British history but more importantly its future.

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